Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Famous First Grade Scientists - Caroline and Marshall

Well, once again I have dropped the ball on blogging. So sorry. We have had 2 awesome scientists since I last blogged. Caroline did a really neat experiment for the class. She lit a candle. Then, she took a bottle with the bottom cut off and placed a plastic bag over the end. She pointed the bottle towards the candle and lightly hit the bottom of the bottle, sending a puff of air out of the other end, which blew out the candle. The kids thought this was just the coolest thing. Take a look!

Marshall's experiment was also great! He tied a piece of cereal onto the end of a string of yarn and then taped the string to the end of a desk. He then comb my hair, creating lots of static electricity. Then, Marshall took the comb and placed it near the cereal piece. When he moved the comb the cereal moved with it. Super, cool!


  1. Just found your blog. Super Super cute! I love all of your class pics. Do you mind sharing your email address? I was wondering if you have a copy of your 100 book club sheet?


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